Umbrella Companies have been around for a while now and will be for the foreseeable future. They are vital in providing consultants, freelancers and contractors with a hassle-free, compliant and profitable alternative to setting-up and running your own limited company

DKA resourcing employs diverse contractors across the UK. Our service allows individuals to take advantage of all the benefits offered to an employee, including holiday pay, sick pay and maternity/paternity leave, whilst enjoying the flexibility of undertaking a range of temporary assignments.

Our umbrella services are suitable for any temporary worker earning over £9.00 per hour. DKA provides contract workers with the ability to make the most of their income whilst minimising administration and paper work. We take a small margin for our services.

Whether you are an individual contractor or represent an agency who wants to get the very best service for your workforce, DKA Resourcing lets you enjoy a compliant, dependable and assured service that guarantees to look after your interests and put you and your workforce first.

The type of expenses that you are allowed to claim has been since from 6th April 2016 restricted by Government Legislation.

How it works

At DKA Resourcing we ensure that you not only enjoy all the benefits you expect but also enable you to take advantage of the experience of our dedicated customer service team who are also available to deal with your queries.

As a contractor, you can expect to as standard;

  • All payments made regularly and in full. We will send you an SMS message to let you know that your money is on the way to your account

  • Permanent employment status

  • Comprehensive cover courtesy of our Employers/Public Liability insurance

  • Full entitlement to holiday pay

  • Comprehensive advice on the full range of expenses you can claim against your income and help to reduce your overall tax and National Insurance deductions in accordance with HMRC rules

We stay with you all the once you are registered with us. There is no need to register should you move agencies or assignments.

For agencies, you can expect as standard;

  • A dedicated account manager assigned to your account

  • A highly competitive administration fee that minimises the cost to your workforce

  • A responsive and knowledgeable registration team who will explain our service to your contractors in detail

  • Access to our compliant expenses policy enabling your contractors to boost their take-home pay.

  • The knowledge that the DKA Resourcing umbrella scheme is fully compliant and constantly evolving in order to adapt to any changes in related legislation – ensuring that there is never any risk to you or your workforce.

Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct call us on +44 1908 366317 Or if you would prefer, ask us a question online.


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